Digital Automatic Coupling

We support the project of the century for automation, digitalisation and increased efficiency in rail freight transport in Europe! For a strong, climate-friendly rail transport and for the promotion of innovations and research in the rail sector.

Automatic couplings in rail freight traffic

Automatic couplings are in use worldwide in rail freight transport. In Europe, on the other hand, the use of the AK has not yet been successful and the screw coupling remains the standard.

Now, with the introduction of digital automatic couplers, Europe not only has the chance to become a global pioneer, but can also increase the efficiency, reliability and competitiveness of rail freight in Europe and promote growth.

In addition to the automatic connection of air, power and data lines, remote uncoupling could also be possible in the future. The DAK thus forms the basis for the digitalisation and automation of railway operational

The data link between locomotive and freight wagon creates a platform for new services and networking of the entire logistics chain.Potentials also arise in the areas of occupational safety, personnel recruitment, energy savings with efficiency increases, as well as the development of new market segments.


Our network

We, the Franz Kaminski Waggonbau Group, offer a reliable network for the various stages of DAK conversion with our European locations. “Workshop work”, including near-site and remote work in mobile service.
Take advantage of our European network and let’s make rail the leading mode of transport together – for a high-performance, safe and environmentally friendly future for Europe.