Measuring equipment

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Solid cooperation

In cooperation with Liuzhou Kelu Measuring Instrument Co., Ltd., Franz Kaminski Waggonbau GmbH has developed solid and durable measuring instruments for the precise measurement of wheelsets and bogies.

The range of measuring equipment is based on the many years of experience and the good name of Franz Kaminski Waggonbau GmbH in the maintenance of tank and freight wagons.

The devices, which comply with the European standards for the maintenance of railway freight wagons, should not be missing in any modern workshop, for operators and maintenance staff, as they make maintenance work considerably

Easy handling

Precise and simple handling guarantees safe and reliable rail vehicles. Due to their robust design, they can be used under almost any purpose-related condition and show hardly any to very low measurement deviations.
All measuring equipment is calibrated by a DAkkS-certified test laboratory. The products shown here are only a small selection. Other common measuring devices, such as measuring wedges, measuring gauges, gauges, plug gauges, etc., can also be manufactured on request.
Measuring device for the wheel diameter on dismounted wheelsets
Measuring device for the wheel diameter on installed wheelsets

Measuring device for the distance of the inner wheel rim faces, gauge and thickness of the flange

Measuring device for the thickness of the flange, wheel flange height and qR

Measuring device for the reference centre distance of the spring support bores

Measuring device for axle leg

Measuring compass for longitudinal and diagonal measurements on underframes and bogies

Measuring wedge for the transversal distance of the wheelset holder slide jaws from the centre of the load

For further information and detailed advice on the measuring equipment listed here, please contact our sales department. You are also welcome to use our contact form.