About Us

Franz Kaminski Waggonbau GmbH

The work of our first-class trained employees, the seizing of new opportunities and our long-term way of thinking form the solid foundation on which our family business is based. Get to know us and our history.

Since 1920

In 1920, the businessman Franz Kaminski received an order from a railway administration to repair wagons in Hameln.

His motto “You have to work for a good name” is still an important part of our corporate philosophy today.

Ueber Uns Kaminski Hameln

We have been providing quality for three generations

Our strategy of being open to the wishes and needs of the market, adopting new production processes and manufacturing technologies and creating new quality and safety standards is working.

Today, the Kaminski Group employs over 400 people. In the Hamelin plant on a factory site of around 60,000 square metres.

Nevertheless, our company has remained what it was – a family business.
A concept that has always included the employees. In this spirit, the company has been growing for three generations.
With a name that then, as now, stands for quality.

Knowledge as a resource

The fact that we have been one of the leading companies in the field of maintenance of railway tank and freight wagons as well as engineering solutions for decades is based on the resource knowledge.

We want to maintain this high level and therefore rely on well-trained specialists.

Our managing director Karsten Elstner initiated a partnership with the Weserbergland University of Applied Sciences. Since then, it has been possible to complete a dual course of study at the university and in the wagon construction company in Hameln.

Between tradition and modernity

In the course of time, different realignments were inevitable. But we have never forgotten our roots. Precision craftsmanship was then as now our flagship and is highly appreciated by our quality-conscious customers.

Research, nostalgia & hobby

The subject of railways occupies many people not only professionally, but also in their leisure time.

The interest in our family business is great in circles of photographers, model builders and train spotters – which is not least due to our comprehensive history.

Read the entire chronicle on the occasion of our 100th anniversary and learn everything about our family business Franz Kaminski Waggonbau GmbH.